About me

My name is Jessica Vos. I was born in Suriname (South America) and lived there until I was 20.

I’ve lived in The Netherlands, where I studied and met my husband Peet. Together we moved to London in 2011. We live in Harringay with our cat Spritz (named after the drink) and our African Grey parrot called Smokey.

I have successfully organised Harringay Market, Newington Green Market and Tottenham Green Market (the 2014 edition) and the Harringay Block Party.

Before that I dabbled a bit in street food and ran a food stall selling my favourite Surinamese dishes in Hackney and Camden for a while. Nowadays I still cook Surinamese food at the pop ups at my North London home. Or you can hire me for cooking classes at (your) home.

I’ve also worked as a chef as part of the School Food Plan for two years.

I have a thing for banh mi, Indonesian food, fried chicken and CAKE, and I love travelling and cooking. Follow my food and travel adventures on Instagram @jessinharringay